© 2016 All rights reserved. PYLO Finance Inc. (the “Company”) is Federally Incorporated with its head office in Vancouver. B.C..  PYLO Finance Inc. is in the business of providing unsecured personal loans. The Company provides reasonable interest rates which are not meant to undermine your long term financial health. The Company offers consumer loans ranging from $500 to $15,000 with re-payment terms ranging from 6-to 60 months. The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) ranges from 15.99% to 39.99% for term loans, depending on the province you reside in.   


Every effort will be made to approve and fund your loan the day you apply. Some approvals may require additional information and may take up to 48 hours (during business hours, Monday to Friday). Depending on call centre volume. This time frame is based on a completed application, document submission, applicant identity verification (including review of last 12 months days of applicant’s bank accounts), and a personal credit check through Trans Union ®, if required. Note that consolidation loans require additional review time as the acquisition of the documentation is dependent on other lenders cooperation in providing the information in a timely manner. How the applicant earns their employment income, i.e. bi-weekly, semi-monthly, or monthly will determine the repayment schedule.

Service Areas

 PYLO Finance Inc. currently serves the provinces of British Columbia, Manitoba, Ontario, and New Foundland & Labrador, and does not currently lend to or solicit business from U.S. residents or residents of countries other than Canada.

Deposits or Referral Fees: 

 PYLO Finance Inc. never requests a security deposit in exchange for processing a loan nor should applicants pay any outside brokerage or referral fees directly to any broker who introduces you to PYLO Finance Inc. or assists you with the application process. Should any applicant receive such calls or requests, please contact our support center at 855-211-8211 or at info@pylofinance.com.


PYLO Finance Inc. encourages responsible lending and responsible borrowing. While having a loan and repaying it on time can generally help maintain or build your credit, not all lender report to the bureaus on a regular basis, and too much debt can certainly be risky. It can impact your ability to repay creditors on time.  In contrast, taking on too much debt and failing to repay your obligations will result in a negative report to the credit bureaus. The result of which would reduce your credit score.

Check out this interesting article on how to check your credit report:


Collections Practices

PYLO Finance Inc. contacts our customers in arrears as soon as possible based on automatic notifications from our loan software. We may contact you by telephone, email, fax, or regular mail. PYLO Finance Inc. may work with third parties to assist in collections activities. If third party Collection Agencies are engaged, your defaulted loan will be reported on your Credit Report.



Please note our sliding graphic is for illustrative purposes only. Actual loan costs and payments will differ depending on individual circumstances.

Lower rates are comparable to only our direct competitor’s rates.

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