What provinces do you service?

We currently service term loans in BC, ON.

What types of Income do you lend on?

We currently only service clients who receive income from an employment or those on CPP/OAS.

Those who receive additional income from government assistance may qualify if an employment-based source of income is also available.

Unfortunately, we are unable to assist clients whose sole source of income is non-employment based.

What is PYLO Finance Inc. ™ and how does it work?

We are a national team of experienced lenders dedicated to paving a new path in the alternative lending market. Whether you are looking to consolidate, get ahead, or fund a new project – PYLO Finance Inc. has a solution for your needs. The process is simple, fair and not just credit dependent.

PYLO Finance Inc.™ VS Banks?

We don’t just look at your credit score.  In fact, we may not look at your credit score at all.  We’ve developed a sophisticated proprietary decision matrix to help get you the right loan at the right time.

PYLO Finance Inc.™ VS Payday Loans?

We provide larger loans ($500-$15,000), for longer periods (6-60 months), at lower interest rates (15.99-39.99%), whereas Payday Loans may charge interest rates between 391-600%.

Can PYLO Finance Inc. help improve my credit score?

Whatever the purpose of your loan, paying your PYLO Finance loan on time and borrowing responsibly may help your credit rating. Loan Defaults are reported on your Credit Report which adversely affect your credit.

What are our lending limits?

Our term loans range between $500 to $15,000 CAD.

What are the lengths of our loans?

Our term loans offer flexible payment terms which range from 6 to 60 months and are paid back in equal installments and coincide with your employment pay period (bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly).

What rates do we offer?

Our annual percentage rate (APR) for our term loans is between 15.99% and 39.99% depending on your province of residence and is typically determined by your prior borrowing history.


Are there any hidden fees?

No, we do not charge any additional fees to set up your account, depositing the money to your bank account, or processing your scheduled repayments.

Does filing Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal, or Credit Counselling disqualify me from applying?

You cannot be in a current Bankruptcy, Consumer Proposal, or Credit Counselling process. However, if you have filed in the past, are discharged, and the bankruptcy no longer appears on your credit report you may apply for our loans.

How long does it take to get approved?

Our goal is to have you pre-approved in a few short minutes and final approval within hours depending on how quickly you submit the required documentation for our evaluation and verification process, during business hours.  We do require a minimum of 3 months of your banking information to perform a through review of your loan application.  Please note that loan consolidations require additional processing time due to the nature of this type of loan.

How long before I get my money?

Once you sign your loan agreement and pre-authorized debt documents our goal is to have your creditors paid &/or deposit the funds in your account within hours. Keep in mind there is a daily cut off time for processing of 12 pm PST (3 pm EST) to potentially receive your funds the same day. However, in certain situations, it may take 1-2 business days for your or your credidtors to receive your funds.

How will I receive my loan?

Loan funds are received by direct deposit or etransfer.

What is the repayment process?

We will withdraw the payment from your bank account automatically through our pre-authorized payment plan as agreed up front with you during the application process.

What if I can’t make my payment or I lose my job?

If you find yourself in this situation, please contact us as soon as possible so that we can find a solution that works for you so that you may avoid costly NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds) charges by your bank and Pylo Finance Inc.

What are your NSF fees?

If the automatic debit from your account is returned NSF (Non-Sufficient Funds), or for any other reason, you will be charged a $50 fee per event; in addition your bank may also charge you a fee for the returned item. The outstanding payment will need to be made or reprocessed as soon as possible to avoid further action.

What if I pay off my loan early?

No penalties are charged for early repayment of your loan. You can choose to pay off your loan at any time and incur only those finance charges up to the date your loan is paid in full. Please note we need 5 business days processing notice.

What do I need to get started?

To qualify you must be:

Resident of the Province in which we provide our services

(BC, Alberta, Ontario, Manitoba, and Newfoundland & Labrador)

Age of majority in your province

Must be employed or retired (we do not lend to those on social assistance or EI)


Additional documents include:

Proof of income (last 2 paycheque stubs)

Proof of Canadian residency (bill stating your name and current address)

2 pieces of government issued photo ID (such as a Passport or Driver’s License)

Minimum 90 day bank statement (at time of application for the approval process)

Where are you located?

Our head office is in Vancouver, BC. But we are accessible at any time via 1 (855) 211-8211 or via email at info@pylofinance.com

Our mailing address is:

PYLO Finance Inc.,
P.O. Box 45034 Dunbar,
Vancouver, BC, V6S 2M8

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