Fear of Missing Out and Instant Gratification

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The fear of missing out.  FOMO, is a well used term for what us older folks refer to as  “Keeping Up With the Joneses”.  Oxford Dictionary added it in 2013. Along with ‘twerk’ and ‘selfie’ but I digress. We are inundated with advertising and subjected to influencers on all level of social media, television, magazines and in the real world. Couple that with our easy access to credit and we can have it all right now. At a price.

FOMO and the need for instant gratification affects a growing portion of our population. It compels us to overspend, to overcommit or the reverse, which is to fail to commit to anything because something better could be right around the corner and you need to keep your options open.

Social media is designed to create a feeling of not being enough and to part you from your money. There is profit to be found in leaving us feeling like we don’t make enough money, are unaccomplished, are unattractive, or just generally swimming in mediocrity. Then they show you that spending will elevate your life and you can be just like them…beautiful, accomplished, and loved. It’s bunk. It’s only purpose is to make you unhappy and then convince you that you can be happy by spending money.

Money and Fear

Many of our money issues find their roots in fear. The fear of missing out. Fear of regret. Fear of being alone or unloved. There are ways to fight the compulsion to “Keep up with Joneses” and once again become happy in a life where we are not constantly comparing ourselves to others.

  • Ditch the media apps on your cell phone. Anything with unlimited scroll is a detriment to our well-being.
  • Reacquaint yourself with your own personal values. Know the difference between ‘needs’ that add legitimate value to your life and ‘wants’ that don’t add to anything other than your credit card bill.
  • Slow down. Our lives move at such an accelerated speed that it often leaves us feeling as though we only have time for quick fixes. Slow down and enjoy.
  • Become ok with not having it all.
  • Be aware that we are surrounded by those selling illusions of happiness. Youtube, Instagram, Facebook and others are providing nothing more than a snapshot.
  • Prioritize relationships over acquiring things. Investing time and energy into our relationships offers us far more fulfillment than an empty purchase based on a social media posting.


It’s a process but you can loosen the grip of the fear of missing out and instant gratification. Remember that awareness and the ability to reconnect with ourselves is where you find all of the meaningful value.


At PYLO Finance Inc., we believe that smarter money habits make life just that little bit easier. Our team is available if you should have any questions.


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